A unique bowls tour and holiday, playing bowls in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil,
and bowls in Buenos Aires in Argentina.


Giving something back to Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro we are pleased to support a self-help project that is working with disadvantaged families in one of the city's biggest favelas. The project we support is known as roupa suja (which means dirty clothes) and it was set up by a wonderful Brazilian lady called Marcia, who has dedicated her life to bringing up her own family as well as looking after the children of other women who go out to work. In 2006, I enabled the project to build a new floor onto a house they already used. On the picture below, you can see the nursery, and the roses painted on the wall, in memory of my mother - Margaret ROSE Coulam, in whose name and memory I made my donation.

Here they now have a nursery capable of sleeping up to 15 infants in cots. The same facility also offers a room for mothers to breast feed, along with education persuading mothers that breast is best. There is a shower and baby washing facilities. Elsewhere on the premises, children are fed, given some schooling, provided with health advice, and generally looked after much better than would be the case if roupa suja did not exist. But as always the project needs ongoing financial help. It can charge for some of its services but it is working with some of the poorest families in Rio, so charging will never be enough to cover all the costs.
I am grateful to many of the people who have travelled with my tour to Brazil for contributions they have made to this project, both when visiting during our tour, and just by donation.


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Want to make a donation?

Bowls in Brazil has set up an account that can receive donations, with a 100% assurance that all monies received will go directly to help our chosen projects in Rio de Janeiro. Please make your contribution to
sort code 60-11-11 and
bank account number 49494465.

Thank you.