Sao Paulo - commercial powerhouse of Brazil, South America's largest city, and a splendid British club!


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"..Great holiday. I enjoyed it all,"
Mhairi Taylor, (non-bowler) Horncastle.

The Club in Sao Paulo is magnificent. It has many English speaking members and a tradition that is firmly British. Photos of the Royal family line the walls of the grand entrance to the club. Once again we're guests of the bowls section, but have full use of all the facilities at the club. This includes; swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, billiard room, restaurants and bars, tennis courts, cards room, TV room, and family gardens. The club operates a daily bus service to yet grander facilities and playing fields in another part of the city. We'll play three games, all friendlies, but played in a competitive spirit. Our hotel will be just a short walk from the club.


We only stay in Sao Paulo for the weekend, but there's still time to take in a city tour on the Saturday afternoon, for those that want it. This will include a visit to pretty churches and the fascinating Butanta snake farm where scientists conduct vital research into snake venoms.

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