Buenos Aires - home of Evita and great bowls!


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"..so well organised,"
Daphne Lamble, (non-bowler) Woodhall Spa

In Buenos Aires, the format of our trip changes slightly. Here we'll be guests of five different clubs, so rather than having a base at one club we'll get to travel round this beautiful city, and sample its various delights. It is likely that we will offer the option to leave Buenos Aires during our stay, for the lakes, mountains and glaciers of Patagonia. This fabulous region of Argentina is still barely discovered by European visitors and offers startling landscapes, clean mountain air and sparkling blue lakes. Snow capped mountains and breath-taking glaciers combine to offer an unforgettable experience. We'll also have time to make a day trip to another South American capital, being


Montevideo in Uruguay. Buenos Aires itself is famous, of course, for the tango, for Evita, and for its many splendid buildings, so we won't miss out on any of its tourist highlights. Youll have the chance to go to an Argentine ranch, see football at one of the citys great stadiums, visit the Opera House or any of several great museums. We'll play several games, and enjoy some great Argentine barbecues (parillas). If you thought the Brazilian barbecues were good, wait until you try the beef in Argentina. It's very special. Our hotel is right in the centre of the city, in comfortable walking distance of many major attractions, as well as a good choice of shops and restaurants.

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